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Regina Chew
Maintains my fair skin!
Aura White Ultra

I have been out under the sun lately, and I need to maintain my fair skin, so I tried Dr Ora! Surprisingly I get 1 tone fairer instead!! Thank you, Dr Ora!

Jermaine Chua
2 shades fairer
Aura White Ultra

Religiously consuming this product for 3 months now and love how it actually lightens my skin by 2 shades. I also noticed that my skin tone is less yellowish.

Jasmine Loh
No harsh tan line from Australia Summer travel
Aura White Ultra

Spent my December Holiday travelling in the Australian summer sun (known to have the harshest summers), and I must say this product really protected me well. I only noticed a slight tan to my shoulders while my friends were all burned pretty badly. Love it!!! Will continue to purchase.

Queeny Koo
I love it!
Crystal Luxe Collagen

I’ve been using this product consistently. Works great. It gave a nice glow to my skin. I love how convenient it is for me to bring around and consume on-the-go and it tastes great too!

Crystal Tan
Tan lines are gone
Aura White Ultra

Currently on my second box and I noticed that the tan lines on my arm are gone. However, my face is still a little dark. Will continue taking it.

Yan Xin Low
Smoother and blemish-free skin
Aura White Ultra

Didn't notice a significantly fairer skin, but I love how smooth my skin is after drinking Dr Ora AURA WHITE ULTRA. I've also noticed that my blemishes have started to fade.

Clara low
Evened out my skin tone
Aura White Ultra

Previously my skin was close to shade 7, now is a 5. So it’s about 2 shades lighter! Noticed a more even skin tone as well!

Jessica Chen
Fairer and glowing skin
Aura White Ultra

I’m not sure if the product helps with detox and bowel movement, but I’ve been taking it every morning for a week now, and I’m going to the toilet more regularly.

Derine Tan
No tan lines
Aura White Ultra

I took Dr Ora before and during my trip to Sunway Lagoon with my children. I noticed that my skin had lightened as compared to before. Didn’t leave any sunburnt marks while on holiday.

Melissa Wee
Fades Tanlines and Scars!
Aura White Ultra

I’ve just finished 3 boxes, and I LOVE IT!!! I didn’t get fairer, but I stopped getting darker from riding in the sun! I had a couple of abrasion scars from my road accident about 1 year ago, and it’s actually fading! Think this is actually more effective than bio-oil. Haha. Also, there are weird tan lines on my hands prior to taking this, but it’s evening out. I got a tan like 2 weeks ago cause I was in the hot sun for 5 hours straight, but it’s fading quickly also. I love the taste btw! And I feel like it boosts my immune system as well.

Brighter Skin!
Aura White Ultra

My skin has gotten brighter in 3-4 weeks after consuming Dr Ora's supplement.Very satisfied with this product.

Aura White Sun Spray

Highly recommended product! 😊

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Crystal Luxe

After consuming 2 boxes of crystal luxe collagen I definitely feel a much tighter and lifted skin, especially around the eyes and laugh lines area. The improvement is very obvious even within 1 month. Will continue for the next 3 months to monitor the results.
Yoke Soon

Crystal Luxe

12th day check in I found difference in tigher pores around the nose region, firmer skin and a nice glow to me skin. As for fine lines, I do not notice much difference (I don't think I have that much to begin with haha). My skin was super bad 2 weeks ago and I can definetely see that it's in a better place now!

Crystal Luxe

I've consumed for 3 weeks and saw the finelines around my eyes area lighten significantly. My pores were much smaller as well with a softer and hydrated skin.
Wynnie Tham


My results are amazing! My sis and mum used to take crystal tomato when we were young and Dr. Ora works really well for me now! My skin is more glowy too!
Kelly Tan


Religiously consuming this product for 3 months now and love how it actually lightens by skin by 2 shades. Also noticed that my skin tone is less yellowish.
Jermaine Chua


I've suffered from acne for 5 years and tried ultra without much expectation. Was really surprise to see the tremendous improvement after 3 months.


Overall, I feel that my skin is less dull-looking and complexion wise, my acne scars have lightened a little. The best part for me was the reduction in whiteheads! I have a lot of clogged pores and as I have very dry and sensitive skin, I cannot use pore-cleansing masks very often because it irritates my skin. After taking the Dr. Ora AURAWHITE ULTRA, by the 3rd week, I could feel that my skin was smoother than before
Shermaine Chua


I saw my pigmentation and dark spots lighten significantly and had to restock on ULTRA! Noticed that the dark patch on my temples fade and reduce in size.
Angeline Rei Rei


I love how glowy and radiant my skin looks, and it doesn't contain silicone that clog pores. Also love the fact that I can use it on my kids as well!
Gina Tan


The product goes on very smooth and absorbs into the skin very quickly. It gives an instant glow to the skin, evens out and correct my skin tone as well!
Ashley Wong


Always felt that aerosol spray doesn't protect my skin well from the sun. With the cushion, I was able to reapply the sunscreen sufficiently over makeup and it does not cake at all.
Stephanie Tan


I use the cushion to apply the sunscreen on my face and it gives a very smooth and even finish. I like the glow that it gives to my cheeks as well.
Janice Goh


The sun spray has a silky and smooth texture which glides on well on my skin and absorbs very quickly. It also give an instant brightening effect to the skin.
Jeen Low
Eileen Mah

I have noticed that my skin tone is brighter and more even! As well as an overall improvement in skin texture. Most importantly, my acne marks have faded!

Christine Low

There has been significant improvement in my skin tone and I’m now two shades fairer. Received many compliments from my colleagues who have praised my skin which is now brighter and fairer, I now feel confident without any makeup!

Nixie Kang

I have now been taking Dr Ora’s products for a good 6 months, having never missed a day. I love how my skin is now fairer and more radiant, allowing me to head out without any makeup on!

Ivy Lim

I have observed that my skin is now brighter and fairer after a box of Aura White Ultra. I have received many compliments on how radiant my skin looks now!

Emily Tan

I had this super harsh tan line from wearing a bikini for about 6 months when I decided to try the Aura White Ultra supplement. One month in, I love that it is now starting to fade!

Irene Tan

In less than 4 weeks of consumption, I have observed that my skin tone is now brighter and has a glow to it! Definitely going to be a returning customer.

Sarah Tan

Having tried and tested many different formulas over the years, I can safely say that nothing has quite worked like the Aura White Ultra in producing results for fairer and whiter skin!

Shirin Dev

Aura White Ultra has given my skin a smoother texture and a healthy glow. I also feel an energy boost after consumption!