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Starter Bundle

Includes 1x ULTRA and 1x Sun Spray

(SAVE $30)

SGD 108

SGD 78

Twin Bundle

Includes 2x ULTRA

(SAVE $11)

SGD 99

SGD 110

Ultimate Fan

Includes 4x ULTRA

(SAVE $30)

SGD 220

SGD 190

Sun Spray Lover

Includes 2x Sun Spray

(SAVE $26)

SGD 106

SGD 80

1. Take 1 sachet in the morning on an empty stomach (2 sachets for faster results)

2. Pour directly into mouth or mix with 100ml of water

3. Stir well before drinking

4. Wait at least 15 minutes before eating

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*Results from Journal of Dermatological Treatment, 2010; Online, 1-6 Glutathione as an oral whitening agent
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Everyone's skin is different and results may vary from person to person. For maximum results, we recommend you to follow our recommended intake and apply topical sun protection.

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