Where it all began..

There is nothing quite like the joy one experiences from exploring the world and immersing in nature. However, time spent under the sun has often left us with uneven tan lines and sunspots – despite our attempts to protect our skin with what’s available in today’s market.

Thus our founder decided to take things into her own hands to provide a quintessential skincare range that not only provides protection from the sun, but also brightens and solves common skin conditions.


Our accomplishments

Beauty Insider B&W Awards 2019

Best Organic/Natural Skincare

Best Beauty Supplement

CLEO Clear Skin Awards 2020

Best Oral Sunscreen

Eileen Mah

I have noticed that my skin tone is brighter and more even! As well as an overall improvement in skin texture. Most importantly, my acne marks have faded!

Christine Low

There has been significant improvement in my skin tone and I’m now two shades fairer. Received many compliments from my colleagues who have praised my skin which is now brighter and fairer, I now feel confident without any makeup!

Nixie Kang

I have now been taking Dr Ora’s products for a good 6 months, having never missed a day. I love how my skin is now fairer and more radiant, allowing me to head out without any makeup on!

Ivy Lim

I have observed that my skin is now brighter and fairer after a box of Aura White Ultra. I have received many compliments on how radiant my skin looks now!

Emily Tan

I had this super harsh tan line from wearing a bikini for about 6 months when I decided to try the Aura White Ultra supplement. One month in, I love that it is now starting to fade!

Irene Tan

In less than 4 weeks of consumption, I have observed that my skin tone is now brighter and has a glow to it! Definitely going to be a returning customer.

Sarah Tan

Having tried and tested many different formulas over the years, I can safely say that nothing has quite worked like the Aura White Ultra in producing results for fairer and whiter skin!

Shirin Dev

Aura White Ultra has given my skin a smoother texture and a healthy glow. I also feel an energy boost after consumption!

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